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Why I quit my job to travel the world

December 21, 2013  //   by raj   //   comments(24)  //  Travel Advice


My earliest memory of childhood is that of a journey.  My dad had been transferred from Shillong to Along, a town in far eastern Arunachal Pradesh near the Chinese border. The entire family took a three days grand excursion by  bus, boat and train across the Khasi Hills, Brahmaputra plains, the eastern Himalayas and several […]


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The Oink story – Naga pork vs Coorgi Pork

December 21, 2013  //   by raj   //   comments(2)  //  Food


There are few cultures in India that celebrate the meat of the porcine kind. Pork is an essential part of cuisine of several communities that live in North East India, a region that shares borders with China, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The most popular pork preparation is the one made by the Nagas, a community […]


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How our backpacking trip across Scotland prepared us for Long term travel

December 21, 2013  //   by Lily   //   comments(0)  //  Travel Advice


Usually, a holiday always entails meticulous planning. If one is a safe traveller, you take a tour package and join a group.  Even if you were travelling independently, you book most things in advance. In 2010 when we went on a two week trip to Scotland, we decided to follow our instinct rather than plan […]


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What to expect while staying in a coffee plantation in Coorg

December 21, 2013  //   by raj   //   comments(0)  //  Destinations


In August this year, we stayed with the Thimaiahs in their coffee estate in Coorg. The estate has been home to five generations of the family over the last 150 years. For us city slickers, there were some surprises as it was our first ever experience of staying in an estate.   A World in […]


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How free are the free world wide ATM withdrawals?

December 21, 2013  //   by raj   //   comments(0)  //  Travel Advice


Citibank in India ran a highly visible advertising campaign announcing free global ATM withdrawals. Unfortunately, banks are not transparent with their fees. More often than not, the additional charges will be hidden in fine print somewhere else.  We did some scouting around to find out how free is the free ATM withdrawal ATM debit cards […]


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