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Tale of Kip – Withdrawing money from ATM in Laos

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ATM Laos

Laos makes you an instant millionaire. One million Lao Kip is equivalent to around 7,500 Indian Rupees or 125 USD. This astronomical valuation can be disconcerting in the beginning but you gradually get used to it. Contrary to advice dished out by travel guides including Lonely Planet, you do not need to stack up on […]



Laos visa on arrival for Indians – overland from Nongkhai to Vientiane

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Laos Visa on arrival for INdai

Laos is one of the 52 countries that offer Visa on arrival for Indians which is a God send for long term travellers like us. We went overland from Thailand to Laos and it was quite a breeze. Our last town in Thailand was Nong Khai, a centre of the Isaan culture known for its […]


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