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How baby friendly is Sri Lanka – Worldyatri Baby Friendly Index of Countries

The first of our Worldyatri baby friendly Index of countries is on Sri Lanka. The emerald island was the first country on our long trip and in many ways was also the first laboratory of our experiment of long term travel with a baby. Here goes the index for Sri Lanka. Visa and passport controls: […]

Worldyatri baby friendly Index of countries

We started our journey when Raiyaan had just turned one. There was some anxiety on long term travel with an infant. As we enter our third phase of our travel, we found that Raiyaan has adapted to long term travel perhaps more than us. It has been a learning experience for us and we had […]

Laos visa on arrival for Indians – overland from Nongkhai to Vientiane

April 30, 2014  //   by admin   //   comments(2)  //  Travel Advice

Laos Visa on arrival for INdai

Laos is one of the 52 countries that offer Visa on arrival for Indians which is a God send for long term travellers like us. We went overland from Thailand to Laos and it was quite a breeze. Our last town in Thailand was Nong Khai, a centre of the Isaan culture known for its […]


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Travel Tales – How a Naga entrepreneur from India is running one of Luang Prabang’s hottest cafes

March 31, 2014  //   by raj   //   comments(0)  //  Destinations

Punesayi Swuro, Pilgrim's Cafe

The UNESCO heritage town of Luang Prabang in Laos is a delightful town on the banks of the Mekong river where Buddhist temples, French period houses, classy restaurants and traditional markets co-exist to create a perfect holiday destination. The New York Times rated it as world’s top destination in 2008 and Wanderlust Magazine Travel Awards […]


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Beyond rice and curry –Sri Lankan food experiences

February 28, 2014  //   by Lily   //   comments(2)  //  Food

Sri Lanka Food Experiences, Curry Leaf at Hilton

When I thought about food and Sri Lanka, I always pictured huge crabs smothered in hot chilly sauce or humungous lobsters chargrilled and all red again smothered in chilly paste. We discovered that Sri Lanka is much more than sea food and much more than rice and curry. This post is about the little gems […]


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Sri Lankan visa for Indians

February 28, 2014  //   by admin   //   comments(1)  //  Destinations

Sri Lanka visa for Indian passport

The Indian passport is not the best one for long term global travel. In the Henley Index that ranks countries based on travel freedom and visa free travel, India ranks a poor 74th out of 93 countries. Consider this, a passport from Kazkahstan, Moldova and Zimbabwe, have access to more countries than an Indian passport. […]


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A Guide to travelling by train in Sri Lanka

January 28, 2014  //   by raj   //   comments(6)  //  Destinations

Kandy Railway Station

  We love to travel by train and we have wandered around a fair bit of the Great Indian Railway Bazaar. When we went to Sri Lanka, we decided to explore the country from the perch of a train. Except for the first leg between Colombo and Hikkaduwa where we travelled by an SUV, we […]


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