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How baby friendly is Sri Lanka – Worldyatri Baby Friendly Index of Countries

The first of our Worldyatri baby friendly Index of countries is on Sri Lanka. The emerald island was the first country on our long trip and in many ways was also the first laboratory of our experiment of long term travel with a baby. Here goes the index for Sri Lanka. Visa and passport controls: […]

Worldyatri baby friendly Index of countries

We started our journey when Raiyaan had just turned one. There was some anxiety on long term travel with an infant. As we enter our third phase of our travel, we found that Raiyaan has adapted to long term travel perhaps more than us. It has been a learning experience for us and we had […]

How free are the free world wide ATM withdrawals?

December 21, 2013  //   by raj   //   comments(0)  //  Travel Advice


Citibank in India ran a highly visible advertising campaign announcing free global ATM withdrawals. Unfortunately, banks are not transparent with their fees. More often than not, the additional charges will be hidden in fine print somewhere else.  We did some scouting around to find out how free is the free ATM withdrawal ATM debit cards […]


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